Printed Textile Design

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Printed Textile Design

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Author: Marie-Christine Noël

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9788417412890

Date: 15th June, 2021


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This unchanged hardback edition of our richly illustrated publication walks the reader through the different aspects of printed textile design as a process and a profession. The intention of this book is to present an overall panorama of the world of printed textile design. The authors-both design school teachers responsible for textile design training at the prestigious fashion, textile and luxury goods design school, Françoise Conte (Paris, France)-describe the areas of activity and involvement of the textile designer to help the reader understand the ins and outs of the profession, especially within the fashion and the home sector. They pay special attention to current tendencies and offer an excellent insight on how to interpret trends, which is essential for making a living in this profession. The book also includes a presentation of the stages of project design, creation and execution.The featured projects provide the reader with outstanding explanatory case studies and exercises in every chapter. This textbook is a key aid for design teachers, students and young professionals. It also includes a highly useful list of schools, professional publications and organizations.

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