Power Up

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Power Up

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Author: Yasmin Ali

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9781529382983

Date: 28th March, 2024

Publisher: HODDER

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  2. Biography and Non-Fiction
  3. Popular Science
  4. Impact Of Science And Technology On Society


'A powerful and often lyrical book ... Fascinating and insightful in equal measure' MARK MIODOWNIK, author of Stuff Matters and Liquid 'Ali's enthusiasm for energy infrastructure electrifies this engaging tour of the people and structures that power our modern world' GAIA VINCE, author of Nomad Century and Adventures in the Anthropocene 'Highly recommend ... a warm and educational read' ROMA AGRAWAL, author of Built and Nuts and Bolts __________ We rarely think about the energy systems that prop up our existence. With hot water, lighting and digital entertainment all available at the flick of a switch, it's easy to underestimate the vast global network that makes these things possible. Growing up in Iraq, Yasmin Ali regularly experienced power cuts - ironic for a country rich in oil and sunshine. Now as an engineer working in energy, Yasmin has a deep appreciation for what these resources mean for our lives. In Power Up she takes us on a journey across the globe to reveal the bigger picture, from solar farms shimmering in the desert to power stations hidden deep in the mountains. We discover where we get energy from, how it is moved and used around the world - and why we need to understand the whole system if we want to transition towards a clean, green future. Power Up is a definitive picture of the intricate world that humanity has built, and a rallying cry to face the challenges of climate change using the power at our fingertips.

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