Polliwog Hunting

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Polliwog Hunting

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Author: Selena Wade


ISBN: 9798889103349

Date: 2nd February, 2024


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This is a story about Darkness. It's also a story about Light. It is in essence a memoir and a diary woven together by flashes of memories. There is a learning through those memories that sometimes Light can be shadowed by the Dark. This is a story about a family. A family that was hindered in being all it could have been because of the Darkness. One that was intermittent in its visits and left radically affected souls in its wake. This is my story. A story about an ordinary young girl in a seemingly normal family. It is a glimpse into and a reflection of the memories I have sorted through in my journey into healing. It is a story about bravery and learning to live fully in the aftermath. There is much power within courageous healing and the hope that can unfold with it.

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