People Like Me

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People Like Me

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Author: Lynn Ruane


ISBN: 9780717185597

Date: 5th April, 2019

Publisher: GILL BOOKS

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Born into a loving working-class home, Lynn Ruane's early years were idyllic, but all that changed when two shocking incidents in her teenage years shook her to her core. She gradually withdrew from family life and went further into the world of petty crime and chaotic drug use that permeated the streets of her hometown. By age fifteen - pregnant with her first child and no longer attending school - Lynn hit rock bottom and made the brave decision to stop running away from herself. Against all odds, she set about rebuilding her life and laying to rest the ghosts of her past. Intimate and brave, People Like Me is an exhilarating story about how where we are from shapes the opportunities and challenges we face. From the edges of society to the centre as a leading political voice for justice and equality in Irish society, Lynn's is a story of how self-belief can help you rise above all obstacles, inspiring others around you to do the same.   'I highly recommend this' NIALL BRESLIN 'A fantastic book' VINCENT BROWNE 'Read this in one sitting. Powerful and moving' ALAN RUSBRIDGER, former editor of The Guardian 'Made me cry and think and feel . everyone should read it' RÓISÍN INGLE

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