Patricia Highsmith The New York Years, 1941-1950

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Patricia Highsmith The New York Years, 1941-1950

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Author: Patricia Highsmith

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9781474617611

Date: 8th February, 2024


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'My secrets - the secrets that everyone has - are here, in black and white.' Before Alfred Hitchcock adapted her debut novel, Strangers on a Train , for the big screen; before Thomas Ripley snaked his way into the canon of psychological suspense; before Carol became a cult classic of romantic obsession, who was Patricia Highsmith? Beginning in 1941 and encompassing Highsmith's adventurous twenties, The New York Years is an intimate self-portrait of a young artist, reading voraciously and honing her craft, intertwined with scenes from her dizzying social life, rife with sleepless nights spent in the queer bars of Greenwich Village. This condensed edition of Highsmith's monumental Diaries and Notebooks offers all the pleasures of her fiction, along with an unparalleled insight into the life, mind and times of this enigmatic, iconic, trailblazing author. 'One of the most observant and ecstatic accounts . . . about being young and alive in New York City' New York Times

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