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Own Your Self

Own Your Self

By Cary Hokama



When the strain of life claws at your potential and dilutes the person you transpire to be, stand up and fight back. Engage your life on different terms and create an inspiring life worth sharing. Nobody on Earth can mirror the qualities that make you--you, thus, life's ultimate achievement occurs when you act like yourself. Own Your Self: Master Your Character, Rise to Any Challenge, and Find True Inner Peace is the only book that completely guides readers though a holistic transformation. From nutritional health to financial success, author Cary Hokama teaches you how to conquer all of life's intricacies. This book breaks down the holistic transformation so that by the end, you will learn how to master the following areas: 1. YOUR MIND 2. YOUR NUTRITION 3. YOUR BODY 4. WEALTH & SUCCESS 5. GIVING & RELATIONSHIPS Follow the advice in this book for I assure you that many amazing things are waiting for you on the other side of your commitment. What's stopping you from living your ideal life? Pick up your copy today by clicking the orange BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

ISBN: 9781947256477


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