Overcoming Life's Challenges

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Overcoming Life's Challenges

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Author: Gordon Oliver


ISBN: 9798891554146

Date: 8th December, 2023


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The author tells his story of being born under the Gemini star sign, living a life defined by an unremitting struggle between the conflicting twins of "Yes, I can" and "No, you can't!" It describes a struggle of early childhood uncertainty, being hidden as a child, of unanswered questions and preferring to be in the background during his childhood through to his middle years. Generally surrendering to the opinions of others, while holding back on his own views, was the hallmark of his being. Hesitating to take on challenges was a familiar pattern, as was the likelihood of yielding to mediocracy, the easy way out. Tilting the balance away from "No you can't" to "Yes, I can . and I will" was the major factor in the author's life towards holding leadership positions in every sphere of his adult public life, from committee secretary early in his professional career to becoming Cape Town's first citizen. From the mayoralty to ministry, standing up for justice and the dignity of life and being able to make a difference was the path he chose; mediocracy simply was not good enough.

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