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Of the Wood

Of the Wood

By Roy C. Hammond



Nestled between the rolling green hills of Northamptonshire is a patch of ancient English native and non-native woodland that has its own story to tell. Journey through the wood and witness snapshots of moments in time through the seasons, at different times of day, in warm summer sunshine and winter storm, all over the course of a calendar year. Observe the wood's beasts and birds; both small, large, bold, and secretive. The wood's many plants and trees are recorded, and there is something of their mostly forgotten uses and their folklore. Along the way, the wood's ever-changing character is captured meandering its passageways, through its many rooms and below its changing ceiling. The wood's rich supply of stories, new and old, are also revealed as well as its secrets and surprises. There is magic in the wood, often glimpsed and fleeting. And the wild too. Of the Wood captures something of that magic and wild within the pages of its story.

ISBN: 9781914471643


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