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Notes on Loneliness

Notes on Loneliness

By Daniel Cockrill



During the process of writing this book, the author imagined he was a butterfly dancing to the slowest and sweetest song ever played on a piano, similar to the way raindrops fall from petals in gentle rain, or like an astronaut floating through Space, travelling about the speed of the boat on a Disney World ride, the one where you get to see all the places in the world in about 15 minutes, but instead of visiting well-known landmarks, he imagined himself visiting different planets and distant stars, trying to figure out where he fitted in, whilst looking back at his family and friends on Earth, trying to remember who they were, what they looked like, and asking questions like 'does he really know them?' or `does he really need them?' or `how fast do asteroids travel?' or `why is gravity?' as he travelled away from them in Space. Here on Earth, Daniel Cockrill has a loving family, a good home life, lots of very good friends, he has everything he could possibly need and yet he still feels lonely. This book of poetry is an attempt to discover why?

ISBN: 9781911570738


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