Not My Life's Story

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Not My Life's Story

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Author: Emma Torrao


ISBN: 9798889108061

Date: 1st March, 2024


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Not My Life's Story is a poignant anthology of poetry, capturing the essence of transition from the brink of childhood through the turbulence of teenage years to the thresholds of young adulthood. Crafted over several years, this collection is an emotive journey, not bound by chronology, but rather woven through the myriad experiences and milestones that define growing up. Within these pages, the poems traverse a diverse landscape of themes. They delve into the profound and often challenging process of coming out, the bewildering onset of puberty, and the complex feelings surrounding body image and dysmorphia. Relationships, in their many forms, are explored with raw honesty, alongside the poignant experience of leaving home and stepping into the unknown.

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