No Wounds Left To Sing

No Wounds Left To Sing

By Daawy



Bruised affection screamed, awaiting a window to filter the suffocation, a microphone to voice its hushed thoughts. This book is a journey for all women in search of a remedy after heartbreak, a reminder to stay strong no matter what. It is a sequence of musings that could find its events unfolding in any woman's life. It is an overview from the chapters of romantic relationships and an acknowledgment of all its seasons, starting from love all the way to healing, and offering little tidbits of knowledge and insight. Friends constantly asked the author for advice as though she is a relationship expert. Although she is far from it, she decided to portray the emotions numerous females experience and the discoveries that shone at the end of their tunnels through poetry and prose. The author hopes her words would offer burning wounds a soothing balm, until no wounds are left to sing. The first step to recovery starts in the mind. Whenever we convince ourselves that we are worth it and deserve to be treated with respect, the hurt and nostalgia will surpass.

ISBN: 9789948807940


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