Nanny's Dimes

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Nanny's Dimes

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Author: Lesley D Scott


ISBN: 9798886939699

Date: 15th September, 2023


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Josephine was born on February 7th, 1917, in the small village of Little River Harbor, Nova Scotia. Her childhood was spent on the family farm with her five other siblings. There was little money but lots of food and lots of love. Her life was not always full of happiness. She faced many difficult and sad times, found love and lost love, was gravely ill, and through her faith, she was healed. Josephine was determined to overcome anything that came her way. She selflessly raised two generations, giving it her all each time. She loved it when the grand, great-grand, and great-great-grandchildren came to visit. Her faith was very strong. She spent her lifetime attending mass and helping others in need. Her patron saint was the Virgin Mary. So many times, she prayed for her help and always received it. Through God's grace, she was healed from a serious illness that left her learning to walk again. She was never discouraged and always said that pain was something everyone had to go through to go to heaven. The dimes that she sent after is a good indication that she indeed made it there.

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