My Life in the News

My Life in the News

By Michael Clayton



Journalist and Editor Michael Clayton worked his way up from local newspapers to BBC war correspondent, with radio and magazine experience inbetween.  From the sharp end of the action in Vietnam, to the violence of the Troubles in Belfast and the tragedy of the East Pakistan revolt, Clayton  is well placed to compare the varying challenges of journalism on different media platforms.  The rivalry between the BBC and ITV, the bravery of war cameramen, dealing on assignment with corrupt officials, the TV preference for close-to-the action film as opposed to insightful reports of the effects of conflict: Clayton has experienced it all over a 70-year career. His insights into the ethos of the BBC, the colourful characters he reported and filmed alongside, and his resulting views of humanity, war and crime - Clayton's autobiography in journalism is honest, wry and full of insight.

ISBN: 9781913159511


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