My English Language Journey

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My English Language Journey

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Author: Ghassoub Sharif Mustafa


ISBN: 9789948778189

Date: 29th November, 2023


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  2. Biography and Non-Fiction


This is the story of Ghassoub, a child from Palestine, who falls in love with the English language and with everything British after meeting a British lady tourist by chance at the Dead Sea, where she teaches him a few English words and treats him well. This incident makes him dream to be something 'English' and it plays a significant role in shaping his future as, within a few decades, he rises the ranks to become a professor of English and an author. Ghassoub's long and tough journey in the English language as a learner and as a teacher offers the reader valuable lessons in some aspects of English language learning and of its complex teaching profession. His dedication and passion for teaching have enabled him to innovate and come up with his own theories that are vital to achieve success and greatness in the teaching profession. This story, which is written in a simple, humorous, sarcastic, and sometimes metaphorical style, is not just a story, but a guide or a self-improvement book for anyone who wants to have a more effective life, a more effective study style, a more effective career, and a deep understanding of the painful process of writing a book.

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