Museum of Reflections

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Museum of Reflections

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Author: E.M. Sol


ISBN: 9789948762157

Date: 29th March, 2024


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E.M. Sol's debut collection, Museum of Reflections, unfolds a tender exploration of love, loss, and longing under the celestial watch of the moon and stars. Poems like 'Stargazing', where the cosmos becomes a backdrop for personal reflection, and 'Dreaming', which offer a glimpse into the realms of what could be, blur the lines between reality and desire. Through this delicate poetry, Sol navigates the intricate dance of human emotion with the universe as both backdrop and confidante. This anthology is an invitation to wander through nights filled with dreams, reflections, and the silent conversations we have with the sky. Each piece, from the longing of 'I Miss You' to the introspective 'Why I Write,' offers a glimpse into the soul's deepest corners, illuminated by the gentle light of celestial bodies. Sol's verses resonate with the quiet moments of the night, promising solace to hearts looking upwards for answers.

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