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Monica's Overcoat of Flesh

Monica's Overcoat of Flesh

By Geraldine Clarkson



This remarkable debut collection from Geraldine Clarkson contains the uncontainable; wondrous, spellbound and daring poems, happy to roam from South American monasteries to the shorelines of memory. These bold, often witty and always hawk-eyed poems survey matters of faith, tragedy and womanhood. Elaborate, skilful and formally audacious, Clarkson is a poet of extraordinary and kaleidoscopic vision; her writing always richly riotous with detail, her poems possessing the singular ability to move from the maelstrom of feeling to the stilled moment with an assured, quick elegance. "The speaker of these poems is endlessly morphable and endlessly verbal; she can say anything and beguile us into listening: put our screens down and really listen and come to life again in the garden of her diction, her memory, her weird unassailable vision." - Kathleen Ossip "... one of the finest contemporary practitioners of the prose poem. A mind-rattling, heart-shaking debut." - A.B. Jackson

ISBN: 9781911027935


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