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McGowan on Alcohol Licensing Law in Scotland

McGowan on Alcohol Licensing Law in Scotland

By Stephen J. McGowan



Drawing on a wealth of experience, Stephen McGowan guides you through the often-perplexing patchwork of statute, policy, convention and jurisprudence that all amount to Scottish licensing law. He book contextualises the history and policy of the 2005 Act and its legion amendments, providing detailed analysis of post-2009 case law cross-referenced with significant legacy decisions, such as in relation to the fit and proper test or the proper purpose of the licensing function. He explores and deconstructs fundamental concepts such as licensing objectives, overprovision, causality, the licensing 'nexus' and the very nature of a Licensing Board. McGowan also delivers practical advice on the pitfalls and perils of application basics including how to complete (and assess) a premises licence application, as well as valuable insight from the front lines and conduct at hearings. There is no better guide to how Scottish alcohol licensing law works - and often does not work - in practice.

ISBN: 9781474473910


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