Married To the Black Widow

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Married To the Black Widow

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Author: Rob Parkes

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9781399603829

Date: 20th July, 2023

Publisher: SEVEN DIALS

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  2. Social And Ethical Issues
  3. True Stories
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'Not many people know how much their life is worth. I do. 'The value of my life, or more specifically the cost of ending it, can be measured on a sliding scale based on method, reliability and efficiency. Fifteen thousand pounds would buy you plausible deniability and a brick across the back of the head from a London-based professional hitman. Or, if you're on a budget, five grand for "some nutter" to come down from Glasgow. ' Rob and his now ex-wife, Victoria, met at university. Their relationship started off happily, they moved to Falmouth in Cornwall before getting married. However, it quickly descended into a nightmare marriage of psychological manipulation, coercive control and emotional abuse - all from the woman who was supposed to love him. Rob's life was gradually destroyed as Victoria extended a web of lies around him, manipulating, suffocating and isolating him from the outside world. It was only through his baby daughter, Grace, that he found the courage to leave Victoria. But even then, Rob could never really escape, and Victoria continued to haunt and torment his life. In fact, her actions became more and more extreme, culminating in approaches to several different men with requests to help her murder Rob. As featured in Channel 4's 24 Hours in Police Custody, Married to the Black Widow is both a bone-chilling, real-life, psychological thriller and a powerful and honest true story of a father's unrelenting battle for freedom and justice.

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