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Manual of Crime Scene Investigation

Manual of Crime Scene Investigation

By Anna Barbaro



Over the past several years, myriad manuals on crime scene investigations have been published with each focusing on select, or partial, aspects of the investigation. Crime scene investigation, done right, is a multi-faceted process that requires various forms of evidence to be collected, examined, and analyzed. No book available has addressed procedures to present global best practices by assembling a collection of international experts to address such topics. Manual of Crime Scene Investigation is a comprehensive collaboration of experts writing on their particular areas of expertise as relates to crime scenes, evidence, and crime scene investigation. The book outlines best practices in the field, incorporating the latest technology to collect, preserve, and enhance evidence for appropriate analysis. Various types of forensic evidence are addressed, covering chain of custody, collection, and utility of such evidence in casework, investigations, and for use in court. The approach, and use of international contributor experts, will appeal to a broad audience and be of use to forensic practitioners, and the forensic science community worldwide. Key features: Assembles an international team of contributing author experts to present the latest developments in their crime scene field of specialty Examines global best practices and what are consistently the most reliable tactics and approach to crime scene evidence collection, preservation, and investigation Provides numerous photographs and diagrams to clearly illustrate chapter concepts Manual of Crime Scene Investigation serves as a vital resource to professionals in police science and crime scene investigations, private forensic institutions, and academics researching how better real-world application of techniques can improve the reliability and utility of evidence upon forensic and laboratory analysis.

ISBN: 9781032315553


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