Love The Sinner

Love The Sinner

By Imogen Stirling



Love The Sinner is the second collection from poet and theatre-maker, Imogen Stirling. ___ sirens, shutters, smashed glass and traffic hums itchy feet twitching thumbs the city thrums with unrest turns a buzz of thought The seven deadly sins are alive and kicking hard in contemporary Scotland. Swooping from the mundane to the immense, Stirling's long-form poetry weaves narratives of human experience. A loose alliance of extraordinary and unextraordinary characters struggle to comprehend their identities in a world bladed with criticism and obsessed with self-betterment. This story sees ancient roots clasp hands with modern compassion to explore human frailty, love and resilience. Mirror and rallying cry both, Love The Sinner reflects on the meaning of being human today.

ISBN: 9781913917005


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