Letter To Grandson Jun: I Found Myself Hiking

Letter To Grandson Jun: I Found Myself Hiking

By Anthony Soon Chye Teo



Raised on a farm near Changi (visited by Albert Einstein in the 1920s), Anthony Teo attended Singapore's 19th century St Anthony's Boys School and St Joseph's Institution. Having completed a course at the 330-year-old Harvard at new Cambridge in Massachusetts, USA, Anthony then went in search of America, driving across country from New York to San Francisco, through the mile-high Jackalopean landscape of Wyoming. His co-driver was his friend Leo Soong in his classic 1,000-mile-a-day steed of the 1960s - BMW 2002 ti. Leo, who unbeknownst to Anthony at the time, was Madame Chiang Kaishek's favourite nephew.Years later, Anthony was at old Cambridgeshire's 800-year-old University of Cambridge, UK as a Visiting Fellow to complete his hunt for the origins of the two univer-cities (Harvard-Cambridge and Cambridge-Cambridge Market Town).

ISBN: 9789811255915


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