Krav Maga Fundamental Strategies

Krav Maga Fundamental Strategies

By David Kahn



BECAUSE NOT ALL KRAV MAGA IS THE SAME® This book introduces and codifies big-picture thinking to take you to the next level of self-defense expertise. The material is designed to conform to your strengths; you need not conform to the system. In this latest volume from David Kahn, you will find practical, battle-tested stratagems and insights that are equally applicable across the spectrum of martial arts and fighting systems. The text is supported by 180 dynamic separate photo series representing a rich krav maga gamut of self-defense strategies and tactics. Topics include: The Best Use of a Training Partner The Difference Between Anger and Rage Recognizing Your Own Triggers to Avoid Violence Contending with Road Rage Conflict Avoidance and Escape Physiological Reactions to Threats and Violence Legal Use of Force Requirements Defensive (Dis)Engagement Mindset Anatomical Targeting and Self-Protection Preemptive Linear Strikes Absorbing and Moving with an Attack Fighting Ranges Combatives Power and Balance Self-Defense Fight Timing Tactical Retreating When and How to Counterattack Defending against a Skilled Fighter Deceptive Fighting Ground Survival Defending an Ambush Multiple Opponents Breaking Up a Fight As good tactical minds generally think alike, whatever your martial arts or defensive tactics background, this book is designed to synergize any previous professional self-defense knowledge to enhance your personal survival blueprint. Krav Maga Fundamental Strategies draws on ideas and techniques from nearly every level of the Israeli Krav Maga curriculum, including violence avoidance and prevention. The result is an adaptable strategy supported by tried and true defensive tactics, coupled with sound defensive principles, all of which will serve to deliver you from harm's way.

ISBN: 9781594398131


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