Kings Of Avalier 2 The Broken Elf King P/B

Kings Of Avalier 2 The Broken Elf King P/B

By Leia Stone



Book 2 in the Kings of Avalier series: a full-length fantasy romance that also stands alone. I never should have taken that loan but my aunt needed meds I couldn't afford. Now I've been sold to slavery and the Nightfall Queen's guards have found out I'm not entirely human. I guess I'm lucky they didn't kill me. The next thing I hear is that the Elf King himself has bought me, and I'm to be transferred to his castle. It will take me five years to pay off the debt but I get to be his personal assistant. Personal assistant to the king. That can't be so bad, right? Oh how wrong I was. His council has tasked me with finding him a wife before they will fund his war against the Nightfall Queen. That part should be easy: he's rich, disgustingly handsome, and smart to boot. The problem? He's rejecting every high-born female I send his way. The more time we spend together, the more we realize I'm not just some half elf. There is a deep power that runs through my veins, one that makes me a target. or his solution? I enter into a fake marriage with him so that he can get the council off his back and I can get some protection. That's a great idea, as long as I don't fall in love with him. Should be simple enough. The Broken Elf King is book TWO of FOUR in the Kings of Avalier series. It's a full-length standalone fantasy romance about the Elf King Raife Lightstone.

ISBN: 9780008638504


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