James Joyce and the Irish Revolution

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James Joyce and the Irish Revolution

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Author: Luke Gibbons


ISBN: 9780226824475

Date: 8th May, 2023


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A provocative history of Ulysses and the Easter Rising as harbingers of decolonization.   When revolutionaries seized Dublin during the 1916 Easter Rising, they looked back to unrequited pasts to point the way toward radical futures-transforming the Celtic Twilight into the electric light of modern Dublin in James Joyce's Ulysses . For Luke Gibbons, the short-lived rebellion converted the Irish renaissance into the beginning of a global decolonial movement. James Joyce and the Irish Revolution maps connections between modernists and radicals, tracing not only Joyce's projection of Ireland onto the world stage, but also how revolutionary leaders like Ernie O'Malley turned to Ulysses  to make sense of their shattered worlds. Coinciding with the centenary of both Ulysses and Irish independence, this book challenges received narratives about the rebellion and the novel that left Ireland changed, changed utterly.

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