Instant Mood Fix P/B

Instant Mood Fix P/B

By Olivia Remes



'Science-led and packed with practical tips, this book will change your life for the better' Fearne Cotton As seen on TedTalk - over 2 million views ________________________________ When panic strikes, grab this book. University of Cambridge mental health researcher Dr. Olivia Remes has spent the past decade uncovering the secrets to reducing anxiety, stress and panic. In this short, no-nonsense book, Dr Olivia gives you 50 simple, science-based solutions to fight the moods that hold us all back. Targeting everything from overwhelm to indecision and anxiety to lack of motivation, these unexpected tips and tricks will help you relieve the pressure in the short term and experience long-term post-traumatic growth. Designed to dip in and out of when you need it most, this book will help you tame your worries and reclaim control. No more procrastination, avoiding situations, or blaming yourself - The Instant Mood Fix empowers you to feel calm, confident and resilient.

ISBN: 9781529109641


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