I See The Invisible

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I See The Invisible

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Author: Nnimmo Bassey


ISBN: 9781990263897

Date: 29th February, 2024


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Many of the poems came through conversations and poetry writing sessions with Peter Molnar, Maryam al-Khawaja - Rafto Human Rights laureates and Salil Tripathi, a member of the board of PEN International, in August 2017. The sessions held at a beautifully rustic location in Celleno, Italy, were documented on celluloid by the duo of Maria Galliana Dyrvik and Anita Jonsterhaug Veda of SMAU, a multimedia firm in Norway. The poetic relationship between Maria and Anita has continued over the years, and their work continues to inspire more and more poems. We have also had time to ponder on the criminalisation of environmental defenders, and the burdening of victims with survival struggles with no life boughs. The poems were written over a wide span of time and require some pondering as poems often demand, of course. Although written over a broad time spectrum, they fall into identifiable themes. The harsh times that birthed the earlier volumes were blunted with doses of humour as poetry is

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