How To Create Manga: Drawing Facial Expressions

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How To Create Manga: Drawing Facial Expressions

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Author: NextCreator Henshubu


ISBN: 9784805315620

Date: 9th April, 2020


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This book shows you how to accurately render human faces and emotions to create complex characters and add compelling immediacy to your work.The ability to draw realistic and powerful facial expressions is essential for every manga artist. All artists will tell you that human faces are the most important and challenging element of any drawing. How to Create Manga: Drawing Facial Expressions is an essential resource for artists who want to bring their skills to the next level.Thirteen professional Japanese artists have contributed their expertise to this book, which contains 870 drawings, with several detailed tips and comments on every drawing. It includes a comprehensive opening section on all the basic expressions budding manga artists need to master. Sections dedicated to detailed emotions and playing up the intensity and drama of more animated facial expressions follow.While other manga drawing books include polished, professional looking sketches without the step-by-step instructions to get beginners to that point, the How to Create Manga series guides users through the process with actual sketch progressions, practical tips and common missteps to avoid.

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