Horses Drawn With Blue Chalk

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Horses Drawn With Blue Chalk

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Author: Rocío Ágreda Piérola


ISBN: 9781946433862

Date: 1st July, 2022


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The work of the philosopher-poet Rocìo Ágreda Piérola is full of ghostly traces, smudged lines from the past turned with care into new forms through references to writers like Héctor Viel Temperley and Dante, rewritings of Biblical verses, redraftings of personal memory, and forays into history with the Spanish conquistadors. In Horses Drawn with Blue Chalk , Ágreda Piérola's sensuous language is populated by animals (hyenas, wolves, birds, cats, shoals of fish), parts of the body (the tongue, the nervous system), and the physical stuff of childhood (those horses drawn with blue chalk, erased from the wall yet forever archived in memory, to be drawn and redrawn). The questions here of how to create meaning from solitude and silence do not rely on any facile premade identities or autobiographical intimacies, but seek constantly to unsettle the known, challenging given truths to forge a meaningful communication. This is #16 in UDP's Señal series for contemporary Latin American poetry.

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