By Cynthia Miller



Cynthia Miller's debut poetry collection, Honorifics , is an astonishing, adventurous, and innovative exploration of family, Malaysian-Chinese cultural identity, and immigration. From jellyfish blooms to glitch art and distant stars, taking in Greek gods, space shuttles and wedding china along the way, Miller's mesmerizing approach is experimental, luscious, and expansive with longing - "My skin hunger could fill a galaxy". Here, the poetry is interwoven with the words for all the things we honour - our loved ones and our ancestors, home and homecomings, and all that is precious and makes us feel that we belong and are beloved. It is also a book that examines contemporary issues of migration in sharp and enquiring relief. Language itself becomes a radical power for reimaging, challenging, and making change, and Miller's distinctive and multifaceted poetry creates an extraordinary space for multiplicity and celebration. 'This is language and detail, honed and luxurious. This is space and memory and migratory patterns and fable. An array of formal play and innovation. And everything finely weighted like a gift-box of intricate, interlocking mechanisms.' - Jacob Sam-La Rose 'Honorifics is a dazzlingly inventive collection that circles around themes of love and yearning, family history and migration, with a sophisticated touch. Formally playful, these poems are alive with imagery and a restless intelligence'- Jane Yeh

ISBN: 9781913437152


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