By Ramona Herdman



Ramona Herdman's Glut is a lush, entertaining, and bittersweet collection of poems about how we live together and find meaning through rules and rituals around food, family, alcohol, work, nature, sex and love. These vividly-realised, nimble poems probe at the delicate balancing acts we - our bodies and our minds - perform in life: between power and trust, between convention and rebellion, and between what is enough and what is too much. All the time, Herdman's spry poetry keeps a gimlet eye on our impulse to make sense of it all - of how we live and work together, and what strategies will help us to navigate our way through the tangled undergrowth of negotiation and misunderstanding. Glut is a lustrous, darkly funny, open-hearted book on the distance between people, on satisfying appetites, and on seeking both pleasure and consolation.

ISBN: 9781913437466


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