Getaway TPB

Getaway TPB

By Maria Duffy



Will escaping for two weeks save her marriage? Or change her life? To the outside world, bestselling author Linda Costa has it all: a successful career, a wonderful marriage and two gorgeous children. But appearances can be deceiving ... The truth is Linda is not happy. She's feeling as though she's been taken for granted by her husband Rob, and her children. So, on the verge of a breakdown, she books herself a two-week holiday to Spain, determined to shake off the unsettling feeling she's been having about her marriage and her life. But as Linda relaxes by the pool, the idea of returning home to the chaos seems increasingly unappealing, especially when the handsome Kabir seems intent on showing her a good time ... Meanwhile, Linda's family soon discover that running a home isn't as easy as it looks. But will it be too late to show her just how much she means to them? Linda has some decisions to make. But will she choose the life she has? Or the one she thinks she wants?

ISBN: 9781473673175


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