Furniture Music

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Furniture Music

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Author: Gail Scott


ISBN: 9781950268863

Date: 16th November, 2023

Publisher: WAVE BOOKS

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In Furniture Music , Montreal luminary Gail Scott chronicles her years in Lower Manhattan during the Obama era, in a community of poets at the junction between formally radical and political art. Immersing herself in a New York topography that includes St. Mark's Poetry Project and the Bowery Poetry Club, Scott writes from a 'Northern' awareness that is both immediate and inquisitive, from Obama's election to Occupy Wall Street and Hurricane Sandy. Here, readers are situated in conversations around citizenship, gender performance, class, race, feminism and what it means to write now. Scott's project is polyvocal, also resonating with the voices of a host of earlier writers and philosophers, notably, Gertrude Stein, Viktor Shklovsky, Walter Benjamin. The result is a staggering work of insight and hope during a critical time in American politics and art.

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