From Aardvarks To Zooxanthellae

From Aardvarks To Zooxanthellae

By John C. Avise



Hundreds of animal species provide the cast of characters for these newly composed bio-limericks, arranged into 17 chapters by taxonomic group (such as Birds, Fishes, Insects) or biological subject (such as Ecology, Genetics, and Anthropology).  Sometimes multiple verses on one organism or topic provide an extended story-line across successive poems. In addition, several stylistic vignettes recur throughout the book, such as: (a) "On the Farm", which ranges from barnyards to fish farms to oyster farms; and (b) "Let's Play Jeopardy", where the reader guesses an animal from poetic clues the author provides.   Each little jingle can be read as a stand-alone offering a quick chuckle or biological insight. But watch out-these poetic tidbits can be as addictive as popcorn, such that some readers will feel compelled to consume each chapter and indeed the entire book at one sitting!  Covering nearly every creature that any amateur or professional biologist has ever heard of, these pun-filled limericks provide humorous insight into each critter or its peculiar habits, in a sharply witty and cutely informative way.

ISBN: 9783319716244


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