Fire in My Soul

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Fire in My Soul

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Author: F. A. Sharhan


ISBN: 9789948794929

Date: 31st May, 2023


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Your blood is fire, I've been told, flame or desire, I should hold. The wounds of life, are too old, through a future, bright as gold. F. A. SHARHAN Fire in My Soul is a collection of poignant and evocative poems that encapsulate the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by the author since 2013. As the title suggests, each poem blazes with an intense fire, kindled by the passion and rawness of the author's experiences. This book is an invitation to take a journey through the author's mind, a journey that is both challenging and fulfilling, as each poem provides a unique perspective on life. The poems in this book delve into themes that are universal, including love, loss, hope, despair, and the fragility of life. With each turn of the page, the author invites you to take a closer look at your own life, to reflect on your own experiences, and to feel the emotions that these poems evoke. The book encourages you to take a deep breath, focus on the present, and let yourself be immersed in the power of these words. The author's intention in writing this book is to create a connection between the reader and the poetry, to inspire and encourage you to find your own meaning in these words. This book is an invitation to explore the depths of your own soul and to find a sense of peace and fulfilment amidst the chaos of life. If you are looking for a book that will touch your heart, ignite your passion, and inspire your spirit, then Fire in My Soul is the book for you.

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