A F*Cking Rage Journal

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A F*Cking Rage Journal

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Author: Olive Michaels

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9781728294421

Date: 1st February, 2024


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Unleash your RAGE, frustrations, pent-up aggression, irritations, bothers, and anything else that needs to be let out on the pages of this journal! (Seriously, pretend like the journal really wronged you or something.) Oddly enough, this guided journal is for people who love journaling and those who hate it. A F*cking Rage Journal is the "anti-journal", filled to the brim with delightfully destructive activities involving ripping, burning, defacing, or otherwise tarnishing the journal - though you can also write in it if you want. Take on the following mission (or say f*ck it): Release your negative emotions - use this journal for some self f*cking care Air your grievances - satisfy your d*mn needs to complain Engage in stress relief - you'd be surprised how satisfying it is to destroy a journal Pay some d*mn attention to your mental health - stop being an a*shole to yourself and take it out on the journal instead This activity book for adults features sweary journal prompts about anger, annoyances and other negative emotions. Poke holes in the pages, write down your comebacks that occurred to you long after the argument, stick the journal in the shower - we don't care. A F*cking Rage Journal encourages you to use the journal as a healthy outlet for releasing your emotions. But, more importantly, A F*cking Rage Journal also encourages you to absolutely RAGE with abandon. Proceed without caution.

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