Fantastic Origami Sea Creatures

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Fantastic Origami Sea Creatures

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Author: Hisao Fukui

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9784805315781

Date: 18th February, 2021


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Dive under the sea with these realistic marine origami models! In Fantastic Origami Sea Creatures, Japanese origami expert Hisao Fukui shows you how to create incredibly detailed aquatic wildlife, including a giant squid, prehistoric creatures and even a massive blue whale calf! The step-by-step folding instructions and photos in this book present 20 challenging and amazingly lifelike models - from intermediate to complex in terms of their level of difficulty. The 20 projects in this book include: The Penguin - A color-change model capturing the awkward and slightly comical appearance of these flightless aquatic birds The Polar Bear - A menacing hunter who will hungrily stalk the edge of your desk or bookshelf The Goldfish - This model features elegant lines and clever folding solutions - and it's difficult to overfeed, to boot! The Crocodile - A lurking hunter which is ideal for showcasing special papers The Crab - With all of the legs to define, this model is a challenging one, but with fewer pinch folds than you might expect The Manta Ray - A graceful and gentle filter feeder whose sweeping wings give you the opportunity to create a truly expressive paper sculpture And many more!

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