Enter The Water H/B

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Enter The Water H/B

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Author: Jack Wiltshire

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9781472158185

Date: 5th October, 2023

Publisher: CORSAIR

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AN OBSERVER BEST POETRY BOOK OF THE YEAR 2023 'A dark-light beauty' Ali Smith 'Totally compelling, Enter The Water pulls you along like a current. Gentle, deft, spacious yet searingly vivid, it wanders like our narrator and shows us both nature and the city through new eyes . . . This book will sneak up on you and leave its music long ringing in your ears' Cecilia Knapp 'Enter the Water is both visceral and perceptive, a discomfort formulated in great tenderness and pain' Bhanu Kapil 'Enter the Water has horizons and wit and allusion and rhyme and disenchanted politics and birds, and lines that hit the reader right in the heart . . . The writing is original and perfectly pitched . . . A significant debut' Ian Patterson i sat in a chapel the other night in my big gay coat talking to a god whose answer is only sometimes no no that was a lie the house of god was closed the night i needed him i sat outside on the granite steps of a fountain happily pouring itself an eternal supply ENTER THE WATER follows a young man who becomes homeless when he is evicted from his flat in Cambridge during the turbulent early months of 2022. As the wind stirs, our narrator embarks on a journey from his park bench out towards the coast, wrapped in his 'big gay coat', accompanied by his pigeons, a blackbird and Storm Eunice - 'Nature' in colourfully alive and playful forms. Along the way he searches for a beauty inherent to all of us, and then calls us to reclaim it. ENTER THE WATER is a story invested in care - care towards the environment; towards the political realities of recession and the war in Ukraine; towards the dynamic self, the human whose love for swimming becomes synonymous with self-acceptance and survival; and to everyone, managing to manage. Walking along the edges of our troubled current affairs, animated by a spirit of cheerful protest, this book is an offering and an urgent invitation to exit and re-enter our world - and to celebrate our capacity for courage in times of suffering.

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