Endlessly, I'll Love You

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Endlessly, I'll Love You

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Author: Shavannah Angelique


ISBN: 9798891551640

Date: 1st March, 2024


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  2. Poetry


In a world where hearts have grown wary and love seems a distant tale, can the unexpected stir the depths of the untouched soul? Through the tender cadence of poetry and the rich weave of prose, we delve into the inner dialogues of two solitary hearts, Noah and Hazel. Each encased in a shell of past scars and present fears, yet fate's whimsical dance entwines their paths in a fleeting, serendipitous encounter. But will this mere whisper of destiny spark a journey of discovery, or will their worlds remain untouched, their meeting a mere ephemeral whisper in time? This narrative explores the delicate step from solitude to the uncharted realm of another's heart.

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