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By Stewart Pearce



Diana The Voice of Change throws a new light on the most famous woman of her time. Discover the truth about Diana s extraordinary life principles. Learn what created her love and the secret keys that focused her destiny. You can use these same keys to focus your own destiny, to help you find the voice of change that resonates with your whole being, and assists you to live your soul s purpose. This is the legacy that Diana wanted to give the women and men of the world! Learn: how Diana achieved freedom from oppression how she became a force of liberation that literally shook the world why she was taken from us to become a force of Divine Inspiration. Although Diana may no longer be in flesh, her spirit lives on communicating to us all. If you've wondered how Diana Princess of Wales developed the courage and power to bring about vast change in her life and that of the Royal Family, you can find out right here. If you would like to discover where Diana's love, hope and radiance came from, those essential qualities that helped to heal the colossal challenges she faced, and then moved her to become the Global Super Star, the information is within Stewart's extraordinary book "DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE". If you were startled by Diana's beauty and essence this book will reveal the key principles and empowerments that gave her the ability to express the wonder and awe that you so admired and still hear about - this book could even be an answer to some of your challenges!

ISBN: 9781915465078


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