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Author: Kevin Le Moyne Cromley


ISBN: 9798886938890

Date: 5th January, 2024


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  2. Memoirs


What do you do when the world starts crumbling around you? When work, society, and unrelenting apathy conspire to drive you into the ground? Do you close your eyes and let the dirt pile up? Or grab a shovel and start digging your way out? Kevin decided to buy a truck and a camper and head south with his new wife, ditching his corporate life behind. But fate had other plans, teaming up with mother nature to throw every roadblock in its arsenal along their path. The question is no longer whether he needs a shovel to dig out, but rather a lifeboat to rescue them on their journey to reach Nicaragua. Join Kevin and Mari on their harrowing adventure, motoring straight through the heart of Hurricane Mitch, the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since 1780.

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