Design Thinking and Social Construction

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Design Thinking and Social Construction

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Author: Sheila McNamee


ISBN: 9789063696337

Date: 13th October, 2022


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  2. Design, Industrial and Commercial
  3. Business Innovation
  4. Society And Culture


The book introduces the Constructionist Research Design Process as a framework for research that is creative, transformative and innovative. It can be used by any professional and researcher who wants to develop creative inquiry and to promote social change. It integrates the theory of social construction with the tools of design thinking, challenging the concept of dualisms in research such as quantitative/qualitative and subjective/objective. The focus is on the complex relational achievement required to construct a worldview where different relational (research) processes construct different realities (knowledge). In this sense, all truths are contextual truths, co-created in a specific time and useful to a specific context.

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