Death in Garrydangan

Death in Garrydangan

By Jimmy O'Connell



Father O'Byrne blessed him "In nomine Patris, et Fillii, et Spiritus Sancti.. Well, my son what are your sins?" "I am going to kill Frankie Dalton." The priest was shocked into silence, not sure he heard correctly. "What did you say?" "I am going to murder Frankie Dalton." Father O'Byrne rubbed his forehead, "Did you say you wanted to or going to? There's a difference, my son." "I'm going to, Father." In 1950s Ireland, the village of Garrydangan is divided and seething with resentment. The Land Commission has transferred farming families from the poorer districts of the west of Ireland to rich, available land in the Midlands. These families are resented by the locals and are called 'migrants,' 'troublemakers,' and accused of 'taking their land'. Frankie Dalton, the son of a local businessman, is a violent young man who targets the families of "Mayo migrants". He shows no remorse for his actions and is never punished. But one day he goes too far and the Keanes want revenge.

ISBN: 9781398499713


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