Critics of Enlightenment Rationalism Revisited

Critics of Enlightenment Rationalism Revisited

By Gene Callahan



This book provides an overview of some of the most important critics of "Enlightenment rationalism." The subjects of the volume (including, among others, Pascal, Vico, Schmitt, Weber, Anscombe, Scruton, and Tolkien) do not share a philosophical tradition as much as a skeptical disposition toward the notion, common among modern thinkers, that there is only one standard of rationality or reasonableness, and that that one standard is or ought to be taken from the presuppositions, methods, and logic of the natural sciences. The essays on each thinker are intended not merely to offer a commentary on that thinker, but also to place the person in the context of this larger stream of anti-rationalist thought.

ISBN: 9783031052255


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