Critical Race Theory and Inequality in the Labour Market

Critical Race Theory and Inequality in the Labour Market

By Ebun Joseph



This book presents racial stratification as the underlying system that accounts for the differential in outcomes in the labour market. It employs critical race theory to discuss the operation, research, maintenance and impact of racial stratification. Making innovative use of a stratification framework to expose the pervasiveness of racial inequality, this book teaches readers how to use critical race theory to investigate the racial hierarchy and develop a race consciousness. Using Ireland as a case study, Ebun Joseph examines how migrants navigate the labour market and respond to their marginality. Representing the first study in Europe to examine inequality, racism and discrimination in the labour market from a racial stratification perspective, this book offers scholars a method to conduct empirical study of racial stratification across different countries without an over-reliance on secondary data. While based on a study of Ireland, Joseph's theoretical approach and insight into migrant perspectives will appeal to readers interested in social justice, diversity and inclusion, race and ethnicity, and critical whiteness and migration.

ISBN: 9781526134394


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