Conspiracy, Calamity and Cover-Up

Conspiracy, Calamity and Cover-Up

By John Harris



The Hess affair requires an understanding of a variety of disciplines and practices: Wartime aviation, political history and human psychology to name but three. Harris and Wilbourn have over an extended period tried to learn as much as possible about all relevant aspects of what is in concert a complicated subject, one that has not yet been satisfactorily explained even after more than 80 years. In the past there have been works that have concentrated on single aspects of the affair; usually in great detail, but in Conspiracy, Calamity and Cover-up the authors' work on the individual components provides the best ever yet plausible explanation of the affair as a whole. Official secrecy on the grounds of 'National Security', obfuscation and downright lying have all played a part in preserving the truth behind the flight. Through dogged perseverance and endeavour Harris and Wilbourn now present what they believe is the ultimate truth behind the affair.

ISBN: 9781914414978


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