Confronting Power and Chaos

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Confronting Power and Chaos

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Author: Christine Skarbek


ISBN: 9798886936858

Date: 18th August, 2023


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"That one event, that one ten-minute car ride, radically bowled over my life's kaleidoscope." What's in a name? Her trailblazer of a distant cousin forged a solitary, singular path during and after WWII. Unassuming and somewhat clueless, Christine eventually finds she has to do pretty much the same. A teen fully expecting her Midwestern life would be drab and ho-hum, she meets in Germany an elderly man who offered her a ride - and insight into a legacy she was going to rely on throughout her entire life. Marrying the wrong guy, divorced, isolated, and responsible for four chronically ill children, she charged forward, brooking no fools to get her children the healthcare and education they richly deserved, even if that meant blackmailing the governor of Iowa. She took on the powers that be (including spooks invading her home for six months), while always striving for the career she pined for. Throughout all the decades of financial and personal setbacks and the chaos that swirled around her, Christine's legacy constantly beckoned her: to be worthy of that distant cousin, WWII's most decorated courier, and of a timeless love story she witnessed. Christine's life journey, including her 12 years in Poland (her other homeland), is a stirring testament to determination, imagination, and the power of perseverance.

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