Collage To Change the World

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Collage To Change the World

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Author: Rebeka Elizegi


ISBN: 9789063697037

Date: 16th May, 2024


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  2. Political Activism
  3. Painting, Drawing And Art Manuals


Collage to Change the World is not just a book; it's a revolution in paperback. This extraordinary collage activity book is designed for everyone, from budding artists to seasoned creatives, aged 16 to 90. The book maintains a positive tone, encouraging readers to adopt a critical, optimistic outlook. In this book, you will: Explore the origins and evolution of collage art. Gain invaluable tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions. Discover influential artists who are paving the way. Find beautiful material to work with including 29 beautiful backgrounds and inspiring cut-out images. Collage to Change the World requires no prior knowledge, just a willingness to engage and create. It's a unique combination of learning, practice, and activism, all bound together. Whether you want to reflect on your surroundings, advocate for change, or simply explore your creative side, this book is your guide to making a visual impact on the world.

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