Chocolates From Tangier

Chocolates From Tangier

By Jana Zimmer



A second-generation Holocaust survivor weaves together fragments of her family's history and witness testimony in narrative and collage, using her art as transformation and remembrance.  "Chocolates from Tangier  is a bold and innovative ensemble piece that comes straight from the heart. With illustrations by way of words, letters, poems and her own impressive images, artist Jana Zimmer brings her parents' Holocaust story to life in a moving and meaningful way. Beautiful." -Wendy Holden, author of Born Survivors: Three Young Mothers and Their Extraordinary Story of Courage, Defiance, and Hope "Never, never, never ask Daddy about her." For fifty years, Jana Zimmer obeyed her mother's directive, until her mother died, leaving behind a trove of family photos and documents, mostly in Czech, with just a few cryptic notes as explanation, for her only child to knit the family's past together. Late in her own life, Zimmer became a visual artist. The words and images in this book convey her journey to understand her parents and their experiences in the Holocaust, filtered through her own discoveries decades after returning to her birthplace, Prague, and to Terezìn, where her family was first interned.  Exhibitions of Zimmer's artwork in 2007, both in Prague and at the Terezìn Ghetto Museum, were mainly inspired by her half-sister, Ritta, who perished in Auschwitz before Zimmer was born, and by her father's grief over that loss. Ritta's drawings made in Terezìn, now in the Prague Jewish Museum's collection of children's artwork from the ghetto, populate Zimmer's book as well as spare photographs and mementos that reflect Zimmer's internal world - that of a "Holocaust replacement child." In 2015, an exhibition in Germany allowed Zimmer to explore her relationship to her mother's experiences as survivor of Terezìn, Auschwitz, and Mauthausen, and as a Jewish slave laborer in a Nazi aircraft factory in Freiberg, Saxony, in 1944. In both exhibits, and now, in putting together the visual story, their life stories, and her text, Zimmer's task has been the seemingly impossible - to remember where she had never been, for her parents, who had wanted only to forget, and to find her place between them. The world attacks us directly, tears us apart through the experience of the most incredible events, and assembles and reassembles us again. Collage is the most appropriate medium to illustrate this reality.   -J. Kolár (Czech, 1914-2002)

ISBN: 9781954600102


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