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Captain Fingerman: The Boring Galaxy

Captain Fingerman: The Boring Galaxy

By Mauro Moro



Believe it or not, this book is about boredom. Yup, you read it right - BOREDOM! Do you usually feel bored? Then this book is FOR YOU! In The Boring Galaxy, Captain Fingerman takes an explorative mission through duh, the Boring Galaxy, of course! As captain of the Banana Star, and accompanied by his brilliant A.I. friend, B.I.R.I., Captain Fingerman discovers how to reformulate all that's boring: showers, queues, books, and whatever! So join us, and you'll find that BORING can be FUN and EXCITING when you let yourself be guided by your IMAGINATION! No kidding! And psst.! Captain Fingerman is super dorky, so BEWARE! Like really, really BEWARE! Over and out!

ISBN: 9789814928694


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