Can Love and Talents Survive Opposite Political and Economic

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Can Love and Talents Survive Opposite Political and Economic

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Author: Antonio E. Morales Pita


ISBN: 9798889104421

Date: 5th January, 2024


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Can Love and Talents Survive Opposite Political and Economic Environments? This author believes that it is important to narrate how he has been affected by living under opposing political and economic systems. This book shows how the command economy differs from the market economy through the example of a highly qualified Cuban economist and scholar who has lived for decades in developing and developed market economy and command economy countries. Another very important and interesting aspect of this book is that it establishes the talents of this man's two big loves' -- his mother and his second wife -- as important and influential contributors in developing his behavior in the politico-socio-economic environment in which his life has so far taken place. This book is divided into four sections: CHAPTER I contains an analytic summary of chaotic situations in Cuba and the United States, in which he had personally participated. CHAPTER II is a comparison of the political, social, and economic advantages and disadvantages existing between the market and the command economies, and the social democracy according to his international scholarly and personal experience, in developing and developed countries, especially during the last half of the twentieth and the first two decades of the twenty-first centuries. CHAPTER III explains in depth what is meant by each one of this author's seven talents: reading and writing, pedagogy, tenacity, learning foreign languages, traveling around the world, singing, and being empathetic. CHAPTER IV explains how these talents are related to those of the two women who had considerably influenced the performance of his life.

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